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Rhino Tuff Stuff is premium protective linings. Protecting millions of vehicles from rust, corrosion, abrasion and impact. The Rhino Tuff Stuff elastomeric properties allow for vibration, contraction, expansion, flexing, and movement and at the same time keeping the liners integrity regardless of the thickness of the coating. Surface coatings are applied to costumer’s requirements and can including a matte, textured or sanded finish for a slip resistant surface.

TUFF STUFF is a Rhino Linings premium liner product. A thick “grippy” liner that will provide maximum slip resistance for our cargo whilst. That providing maximum protection against corrosion dings and dents.

Waterproofing systems

Ø  Rhino Linings Industrial Division specializes in the high performance spray. That applied to protective linings for abrasion, corrosion, chemical and containment applications.

Ø  Rhino Linings PP95 exhibits a excellent durability, flexibility properties. Rhino Linings PP95 is the ideal application for our corrosion resistance requirements.

Ø  Rhino Linings protects the boats and marine vessels from the corrosive effects of salt water and sea air as well as abrasion.

Ø  Rhino Linings polyurethane provides the tough, flexible industrial-grade protective lining for hundreds of different vehicle and marine applications.

Ø  Rhino Linings TUFF STUFF is the revolutionary waterproof system. TUFF STUFF is the latest technology in the waterproofing systems available on the current market.

TUFF STUFF it is a high performance SPRAY-ON applied, which totally eliminates the potential weaknesses associated with other joined membrane products.

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